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Introducing Plextor's CD Combo Bundle:

As I pull up to that metallic looking (and sounding) speaker, I hear, "Can I take your order, sir?" "Yes," I respond, "I'll take the Plextor Combo." After a pause, the other end replies, "Do you want a SCSI card with that?" "Uh, sure. Oh, and throw in two audio cables, yeah, that's it, two audio cables." Creeping forward to the drive-up window, it hits me that I've just ordered the best CD-R combo you can buy. I hope they get my change right this time...

Need To "Super-Size" Your Current CD-R?

Tired of that 2X'er that's been doing nothing but spittin' out coasters? Do you stand in front of your 4X'er and shout "HURRY UP! I WANNA PLAY QUAKE!" Or, does time really equal $$$? If you answered yes to any of the above, Plextor's 8X writer and 40X reader is for you. And WHAT a combo it is.

Plexwriter 820 Total Solution Features

8X Recorder
Writes at 8X, 4X & 1X speeds
20X max/12X min P-CAV Reader
170ms Average Random Access
4MB Buffer
Fast SCSI Write & Read
10MB/sec. Burst Transfer Rates
Reads CD-R/W (CD-ReWritable) media
Media recognition circuitry and running OPC
Capable of Digital Audio Extraction at high speed
Upgradeable Flash Firmware
Windows 9x Plug & Play Compatible
MMC Compliant
Writes CD-DA; CD-ROM (Mode 1); CD-ROM (Mixed Mode);
CD-ROM & CD-DA; CD-ROM XA; Mode 2 Form 1 and Form 2;
Mode 2 Mixed Form; CD-I; Photo CD; CD-EXTRA Creates
ISO 9660-HFS; Rockridge; PhotoCD, Video CD; CD-I;
CD-Extra (CD-Plus); Enhanced CD; CD-R; CD-Midi
Supports Disc-at-Once, Track-at-Once, Multisession,
Variable & Fixed packet writing modes
One-Year Full Warranty (parts, labor, replacement)
Unlimited Toll-Free Tech Support
Leading Edge Performance

The PLEXWRITER 8/20, Plextor's first high-performance 8X CD-Recordable drive, is a professional quality CD writer. With the PLEXWRITER 8/20, users get uncompromising dependability and performance.

The PLEXWRITER 8/20's Fast SCSI burst rates, low CPU utilization, huge 4MB buffer, internal cooling, vibration dampening, and synchronous data transfer all add up to increased efficiency and more reliable CD writing. Once a blank CD-R disc is recognized by the drive's circuitry, the PLEXWRITER 8/20 adjusts to provide the optimum laser power and length of burn for that particular media. Reliable CD-R writing is practically a guarantee with the PlexWriter.

Build in Plextor's CD-ROM reader performance and get two drives in one - a blazing recorder and great CD-ROM reader with throughput that zips past any sixteen speed CD-ROM drive. The PLEXWRITER 8/20 reads at a minimum of 12X and maximum of 20X with 170ms average random access times.

An exciting new feature is support for UDF writable file system implemented through packet writing. Software included in Plextor's retail kits supports packet writing enabled CD SneakerNet. Packet writing capability now makes CD-R the least expensive removable and shareable media available. Users can simply drag and drop a file to the PLEXWRITER 8/20 like a floppy and share it with their colleagues, then later continue adding files and sharing the same CD-R disc.

The PLEXWRITER 8/20 also supports Plextor's own hard drive disaster recovery software.* Users can record a copy of their hard drive, operating system, program
files, and data, directly to the PLEXWRITER 8/20. If the hard drive fails, users can use nearly any CD-ROM drive to boot from the backup disc, then restore not only the data, but also the entire system with original configuration for every program previously installed. There is no need to reconfigure the programs, even the user's desktop is restored to its original configuration.

For professional use, the PLEXWRITER 8/20 improves performance of most applications such as archiving or backing up data, images or video to CD-R, publishing data on CD, mastering new software programs, creating new multimedia titles, mixing and creating custom CD-Audio discs, CD duplication and file sharing.

* Available only in special retail kits

PLEXWRITER 8/20 Benefits

8X recording for fastest record speed available in standard half-height form factor drives. At 8X speeds, in only ten minutes 650MB of data is recorded to CD-R media. Maximum of twenty and minimum of twelve speed data transfer during read. More data throughput than typical sixteen speed drives. Blazing 170ms access times combined with Fast SCSI burst transfer rates speed up multitasking operating systems such as Windows NT and Windows 95. Database searches also run faster. Optimized management of 4MB buffer results in use of less CPU resources and more reliable writing. More Reliability Solid construction and advanced components place the PLEXWRITER 8/20 a cut above the rest. Brushless motors with two bearings on cushioned suspension ensure minimal disc vibration and years of dependable service.

Fast SCSI burst rates, low CPU utilization, added cooling, vibration dampening, large buffer, and synchronous data transfer add up to increased efficiency and more reliable CD writing. Furthermore, once a blank CD-R disc is recognized, the drive provides the optimum laser power and length of burn for that media.

Front panel and software controls for easy playback of your favorite music Cds. Flash Firmware. Allows installation of new firmware without opening the drive. Easily upgrade to support the latest technology without having tp purchase the next generation drive.

Easy installation and upgrade with SCAM (SCSI Configured Auto Magically) - SCSI IDs are auto-selected and termination can be auto-configured. Beneficial for first time install and sharing external drives on several systems, SCAM is true Plug & Play* More Compatibility - All major operating systems including Windows 95, Windows NT & MAC OS; writes and reads all major formats; reads all recordable formats - CD-R (CD-Recordable) media, CD-R/W (CD-Re-Writable) and applicable standards such as CD-UDF packet writing standards. The result is worry-free installation and playback.

The ULTRAPLEX 40max, Plextor's high-performance Ultra SCSI CAV CD-ROM drive, is a professional quality CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) drive. With the ULTRAPLEX 40max, users are guaranteed a minimum of seventeen speed performance and will experience up to forty speed performance. The ULTRAPLEX 40max provides real world performance of 27X throughput rates.*

The ULTRAPLEX 40max's burst transfer rate of 20Megabytes/second supports Ultra SCSI data transfer. That's the maximum burst speed for a standard 50-pin 8-bit bus - the maximum for standard CD-ROM. Other high speed devices, such as hard drives, will not be bogged down waiting for the CD-ROM. In addition, the ULTRAPLEX 40max boasts an industry leading average random access time of 85ms and supports flawless 24X max Digital Audio Extraction.

The ULTRAPLEX 40max also reads the latest in recordable CD media, CD-R/W (Re-Writable CD-ROM) at industry leading speeds. The ULTRAPLEX 40max positions users for worry-free use of the new generation of writable CD technology.

Superior management of the ULTRAPLEX 40max's 512KB buffer further enhances the CD-ROM drive's efficiency and reduces CPU utilization. In combination, these features improve performance in the professional users' and computer enthusiasts' entire computer system.

Demanding tasks are completed faster with the ULTRAPLEX 40max. It is an ideal choice for high-end desktops, workstations, servers, and even power gaming. For business use, the ULTRAPLEX 40max improves performance of most applications such as serving data, images or video from network servers, transferring huge files to hard disk, loading large operating systems and new programs quickly, document image management, quickly searching large databases, creating multimedia presentations, playback of multimedia training materials, and many others.

The ULTRAPLEX 40max represents the ultimate in standard CD-ROM technology and will likely be the last CD-ROM drive any system will need.

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