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The Units

Here's a breakdown of the five phone chargers sent to me:

1. Ericsson T28/R320/R310/R380 Series

2. Ericsson T18/6xx/7xx/8xx/A1018/R250/R280 Series

3. Motorola StarTac/CD9xx/L7089/L2000/V-series/LF2000 Series

4. Nokia 5100/7100/6100 Series

5. Nokia 8800/8200/6210/3300/3200 Series

I happen to have a Nokia 5100 phone and a StarTac to test with. I also happen to have a couple of old cell phones. One is a Nokia and the other a very old Motorola. Needless to say I was glad that Jetta Tech sent so many units to test with. Granted I can only test the talk time with the my two regular phones but I was still able to verify that the older phones worked with Jetta Tech's chargers just fine.

And another breakdown of the three PDA chargers that I received:

1. Palm V Series

2. Compaq iPaq Series

3. Palm III Series

I borrowed the graphics from Jetta Tech's site. So the link labeled "download" isn't going to do anything. It is a very clean and large graphic that gives you an idea just how simple this product is. Every friend of mine with a Palm suddenly was trying to buy me lunch and worm one of the chargers out of me. I have to say that alone shows just how useful these units are. I don't have an iPaq and couldn't locate one for testing but there is no reason why it also should work very well with this charger.


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