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Samsung’s LTM1575W Wide LCD Panel TV

LCD panel TVs are being adopted by many people these days; maybe it’s because of their great look, maybe it’s because they take little space, or maybe it’s because…who knows! Anyways, the point is that there are plenty of different devices of that kind on the market and the LTM1575W is one of them. Made by Samsung, this TV was claimed to have been designed to offer maximum versatility. Therefore, let us check out how multitalented this product really is.   

The monitor
  • 15" Wide
    450cd/m², 400:1 C/R

  • High Definition TV Ready
    2 Component Jack (Y/Pb/Pr)

  • Double Screen & PIP
  • Sound : 10W*2(17"),
  • 6W*2(15")
  • High Res. PC Compatible(WXGA)

Samsung USA


The Love Story Starts…

It was only a few weeks ago that we received the unit; additionally, I only got a chance to open the package last week. When I opened it, all I found in the box were a HDTV monitor, a remote, an AC adapter, and a female 15-Pin D-sub connector. At first I was asking myself where the rest was, but after a few minutes I realized that this was a TV and not a monitor; therefore expecting CDs and the usual bundle was useless. After that little analysis, I examined the unit tidily.

The examination revealed itself to be quite satisfying. I was more than pleased of what I saw. There was an integrated TV-Tuner, a PC VGA connector and Audio port, a DTV component, a DVD component, and a standard TV antenna connector. Moreover, the unit itself looked quite stylish even though its stand could have looked better. Nevertheless, it looked quite good while standing on my white desk.

Before going any further, I would like to mention that the LTM1575W is the wide (16:9 formats) of the LTM1575 (4:3 formats). That would also explain the use of the letter “W” at the end of its name. Now on to a more in depth look at this product’s features and specifications.

 The Features

I’ve mentioned its connectivity a few lines before, so I might as well start with that. First, let’s start with the DVD and DTV components. As for the DVD feature, I shall only say that it isn’t an option anymore; it’s a necessity. With more and more people buying DVD players and leaving the VHS behind, it is crucial to have a TV which offers this type of connection. Meanwhile, in the case of the DTV (Digital TV for unfamiliar readers) it is not a need due to the fact that not everybody has satellite TV, but it sure is a nice option to have on a TV (we all know how popular it is getting).

Next up is the PC component. It features a VGA male 15-pin D-sub connector and an audio input. Pretty basic connectivity, but it sure does the job (even though I would have liked to see a DVI-I connector because ‘almost all modern GPU cards are equipped with one). Therefore you can use the LTM1575W as your PC monitor and use its integrated speakers which are virtual Dolby compatible (it’s a TV so I hope it has its own speakers!!) as your PC sound system (if you have low or average quality speakers).

Now, let’s move on to the internal TV tuner. It is equipped with an S-Video input, standard VCR plugs and a headphone jack. That way you can hook yourself to another TV, watch movies on your VHS, play videogames on your favorite entertainment system, or use your speakers as your LTM1575W sound system.

The only connectivity feature left is the TV antenna\Cable connector. This is pretty much a must (how can anyone watch TV if they have no antenna or cable cord hooked to it?); no need to explain why its there…

Apart from the connectivity section, the LTM1575W has other features and specifications worth mentioning; one of them is its 15.3” viewable size. Personally, I find that dimension ideal for a bedroom (especially for a room like the one I have because it is quite small). Another feature proper to the LTM1575W is its wide aspect ratio. I talked about it earlier, but I am repeating it because I think it is important. The 16:9 formats is not only best for DVD playback, it is also less stressing on the eyes. Still, the wide screen format has its disadvantage; some games (both console and PC) and desktops can look quite weird when in that mode.

Other features true to the LTM1575W are its 400:1 contrast ratio, its 1024x768 maximum resolution, and its wall or stand mountable capabilities. In my 191T review, I mentioned that the contrast ratio is quite significant; still, after viewing pictures and information on the 19” LCD (it had a ratio of 500:1), everything seemed darker; maybe a little to dark…as for as its maximum resolution, I was a bit disappointed because all the latest Samsung LCDs have had one of 1280x1024. Still, this is a 15.3” multifunction HDTV, so there is no real need for such a resolution except in certain games. Now, about this TV mounting capabilities, it is great to have thought about an extra wall possibility (for example, it is ideal for a kitchen or private/small office).

All of this also comes with a very nice and detailed menu. Unfortunately, because it is so complete, it would have taken me too long to explain it all (about one to two other pages of writing). Therefore, to make short and sweet, I will resume it to you in one word: awesome!! Moreover, the PIP (picture-in-picture) option is also available. Consequently, you can watch TV and work on the PC all at the same time (neat, isn’t it?).

In the End…

The LTM1575W is a very attractive product. This HDTV is quite versatile with all its connectivity. It also features Virtual Dolby, PIP, wide aspect ratio, and stand/wall mountable capabilities. Moreover, it is also available in 17” and/or in normal 4:3 formats.

Still, this unit has its weaknesses and areas to improve. The wide screen format is a double-edge sword as for it is great for DVD playback, but is not supported by all devices and games. In addition, its contrast ratio is a bit low; perhaps a 500:1 ratio would do the job. Also, when used as a monitor, a higher maximum resolution and DVI-I connectivity would be best (maybe a utility CD too).

However, when pros and cons are put on against each other, I would no problem what so ever to recommend the LTM1575W to people looking for a bedroom or kitchen TV which takes little space and offers great connectivity. This if they are willing to pay 1400$ USD.

David Dorgerville



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