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The bundle

Supermicro included one 80-pin IDE cable for hard-drives based on the UDMA/66/100 Standard, and one FDD cable is included to use with your floppy drive. A very detailed manual is included covering the features, options, tips and troubleshooting of the product. A CD containing the latest 850 drivers and sound drivers is also included.

The P4/i850 Power requirements

A Pentium 4/850 combo requires an approved power supply. As we already know, the Pentium 4 is one hungry processor. The 1.5GHz easily reaches the 50+ W ranges. If your remember just a few months ago, several angry AMD users started complaining about having problems with their systems because of power problems. The reason was simple; the Athlon known as a heavy power eater bundled with a cheap power supply was not able to provide the necessary power. Many users that upgraded to AMD's latest offerings had to spend the extra money and buy an AMD approved power supply to feed their systems correctly. Intel in order to avoid having a similar problem decided to take another step and include a standard for power supplies by introducing their ATX 2.03 specification.

What they did is added an extra +12V power connector that connects to the 850 motherboards allowing extra power to be distributed to the motherboard around the CPU. This is basically a stability measure. Although we did not have any problems running our Intel D850GB Motherboard that Intel provided without the extra connector, we would highly suggest having an approved ATX 2.03 power supply. After all, if you were ready to invest that 1200$+ for that Pentium 4 upgrade, what that extra 60$ worth?

Benchmarking System(s)

Intel Pentium 4 1500MHz
Heatsink & Fan
Stock Intel HSF

Intel D850GB i850
SuperMicro P4STA


2 X 128 - 256MB PC800 Samsung RDRAM
Hard Drive(s)


Hitachi 12X DVD-ROM
Sound Card
Sound Blaster Live!
Video Card
Nvidia GeForce 2 Ultra 64MB

Operating System
Windows 2000
Video / VIA Drivers
nVidia reference 1040 ,Direct X 8.0
Benchmarking Applications
Benchmarking Applications
SYSmark 2000
3DMark 2001 PRO
SPECviewperf 6.1.2

Web Target PC


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