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The game interface

The controls are very simple, they excluded everything that they donít need and kept the essential. That means that you wonít waste your time anymore searching for the keys again, it gives your greater reaction time and higher agility. It is also very easy to fly those ships, just get your thrusters online and you will be flying like an ace in no time.

There are two sides to play with, the GALSPAN and BORA. You will have to choose your side not long after you start to play. They have different ships and campaigns. The Galactic Spanning Cooperation has several goals, and itís to build the ultimate mining machine, the Hepheastus and take over the Bora space. As for the Bora, they are a colony living in the mining region and for over two hundred years they have occupied those regions. They mined their way through the galaxies; mining is a life to them. But now, the Spanners threaten to take over their territory for new resources and the BORA responds with fury for their independence.

There are 11 ships that can be driven by you. Each side has 5 ships. But you will be flying another ship thatís on neither side when you are exiled from Sol system until you have chosen the side you are gonna play with. Those 11 ships have their own cockpits; you can keep quite a collection. It is the same thing with the weapons. You have a big variety to chose from; each one has its advantage and disadvantage. As for the upgrades, they donít matter with sides. But they have only one disadvantages; taking up the CPU slots available for more upgrades.

The game is divided into 5 main regions (Hub, Frontier, Bora or Galpan, Twilight and Ripstar), each region has its own Star-base and the only way to change regions is to fly through a mega-gate. Access is often limited for individual ships. For example, contract pilots will generally have their TCG access code assigned to them by their employer. As a rule, an employer will not allow contract pilots to access regional mega-gates until their current contract is complete. This keeps the pilot focused on the task at hand and generally safeguards company property.

You all know that each region has a Star-base. Unlike other space stations, the star-base offers a large landing bay and a control room for contract pilots to hang out in. When you enter a sector with a Star-base, you will be able to target its landing bay. Inside you will find that all Star-bases have certain common characteristics.

The game gives you a lot of chances to win and earn big money (they are called Credits in the game) such as the slot machines and all those bonus contracts, nothing to do but enjoy the scenery. That means you are not obligated to accept those contracts for the success of your campaign. The story line in the game has some amazing turnouts. The way it kept going without any boring parts, it seemed almost real. But I find the ending just a little too short. They should have made it in a real cinematic, like Homeworldís perhaps.

Well as for the multi-player, it has good maps, easy to join and host. There are two game types for multiplayer, the Arena Match and the Base Wars. The object of the Arena Match is simple, kill you opponents before they can get their hands on you. You gain points by killing people and lose points each time you are killed. The Base Wars is two opposing teams advance through 10 levels of technology by collecting crystals and defeating enemy players. Each technology level allows the team access to better weapons, systems and base defenses. Upon reaching technology level 10, the goal is to destroy the life support system on the other teamís base. It is fun when you are actually good because you will have a good challenge. But if you suck, letís just say that you will feel annoyed and useless, you will want to quit.

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