Target PC has tremendously expanded during our 13 years in business in both content and audience. Today we serve over 320 000 daily impressions to readers all over the world.

The majority of our readers are seeking for advice and information on specific technology products. Over 70% of our audience visits us more than three times a week, 82% of them are males and most are here for advice on their upcoming purchases.

• 82%  Between  ages 18 and 40
• 55% Graduated College
• 70% Consult us on a weekly basis
• 35% Have an income greater than 100K

Target PC is committed to establishing long-term relationships with advertisers and our ultimate goal is to assist in the growth of your business worldwide.
We deliver an Internet-based marketing program that is cost-effective and clearly focused on the creation and maintenance of a strong return on investment.

Our strategy is specifically designed to benefit the advertiser providing meaningful and relevant placements with a complete focus on maximizing the marketing dollars you allocate.

We recognize that not all businesses are affiliated with an advertising agency. Small and medium-sized businesses are treated with the same degree of professionalism as a world-class agency.

Want to reach over 500,000 Target PC readers every month?
Advertise your product or service right here! Target PC has ample opportunities for you to conduct a high-profile ad campaign of any size, over any period of time.

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