Azza Hurrican 2000 Case Review

By Oleg Mitskaniouk | Posted September 27, 2022 at 06:39AM


4x Easy Swapp HDD trays
Support for up to 360mm water cooling radiator
Support for up to 340mm long VGA card
Good cable management
E-ATX, Full ATX, ATX, Micro ATX
Power Supply located on the bottom, two ways to install power supply; providing more efficient airflow
A pre-cut hole for an easy installation of CPU cooler, eliminating the need to remove the motherboard




Design for the system builder enthusiasts
Well priced

When you're building a PC system there's a lot you need to think of. Which processor to get, with what motherboard, which videocard, how much memory...and of course the one thing to hold and make it all work together: the computer case. Today I'll be reviewing the AZZA HURRICAN 2000 full tower case (it is really spelled Hurrican without the "e" at the end). The first thing you will noticed when taking it out of the box is how big that thing is. I was very impressed by the look and feel of the case itself, a nice black coloured box with aggressive lines and the side and front fans are lighted with blue LEDs (red also available). It not only looks solid, it feels like solid material. You can really sense the quality built of the case and it looks really nice. I really liked the design of it.

A detailed look from the Outside

Taking a look around the case, you realize just how many fans this tower comes equipped with. I'm not used to see so many fans integrated so this was welcomed surprise. It has 2x 230mm top fans, 2x 230mm left side fans, 2x 120mm front fans, 1x 120mm rear fan and another 1x 120mm right side fan for a total of 8! They are all strategically placed to maximize cooling and as this wasn't enough, it also supports water cooling radiator up to a size of 360mm. You can also add a extra 120mm fan at the bottom of the case. Clearly this tower is more than ready to handle high performance hardware.

From the front you can see that it has 2x USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port (very nice feature) and an eSata port along audio and mic inputs located at the top front of the case right under the power button so they are really easy to access. The Hurrican has 5x 5.25 drive bays accessible and a front magnetic latched panel door that hides 6 easy swap bracket doors with screwless design (4x HDD and 2x SSD or 2x 2.5 HDD). Which is a great feature that will make installing hardware a real breeze.

At the rear you can see that power supply entry is mounted at the bottom of the case which I personally think helps having a better cable management and makes airflow more efficient. Keep in mind that you that the power supply unit can be installed facing either up or down depending on how you want the air of the unit to intake from the inside or the outside the case. The Hurrican has 7 expansion slots and has rubber protected holes for a liquid cooling set up. Another practical addition to the case is 2 bottom removable dust filters to help keep the interior clean. So far the Hurrican case really delivers great features and we have yet to see what's inside.

A look inside

So it looks great from the outside, but now let's take a look inside the belly of this beast. Upon opening the side panel you can see how much space you have to work with. You have enough clearance to install a video card up to 340mm long. We get to have a closer look at the 6 HDD swap brackets with solidly attached bridges and with a good space between them to keep a good air flow. All the bays are screwless and accessible from the outside so you don't even need to open the case to add/remove hard drives which is a really practical features if your an avid system builder. AZZA also provides 2 adapters to install 2.5 HDD and SSDs at the bottom 2 bays.

One the reason why there's space to work inside the case is the way the motherboard tray is designed. Although it's not a removable tray, this is not a problem here because they built the tray with a large hole right where the back of the CPU heat sink mounting holes are located so that you can access it by opening the right case panel if you need to change it. You will also see from the opened right side panel that you have other holes to pass cables behind with a couple of clips to hold cable ties already included with the case (2x). A nice touch for keeping the system clean and clutter free.


I was really impressed by the numerous features the AZZA Hurrican 2000 offered. It's definitely design for the system builder enthusiasts. The case covers all the important aspects needed to build a serious PC and also adds nice little extras that makes the difference between other cases on the market. And you'll be happy to discover that AZZA offers this case a very good price compared to others that offer similar features but at a much higher price, yet you get a solid quality product.

I'm looking forward to see more from AZZA! 



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