Mpowerd Luci Solar Light

By Victor Oshiro | Posted March 14, 2013 at 03:16PM


Luci Solar Lantern
MSRP: $24.95 USD

15 sq feet of lighting
6-12 hrs of light
8 hrs to fully charge
Low, High, and Flash mode
1 year warranty 
Anticipated 2 year life

Luci website




Good light quality
Limited environmental impact (no need to change batteries)
Help the poor while you get a handy light
Guess what the most practical device out of this last CES was? 'The little solar lantern with a big impact.' Think about this. Until millions were left without power after recent disasters how many were aware of the disproportionate amount of electrical power we have available to us? People in developing nations don't have this luxury. Many live without adequate lighting - having their homes literally go dark as night falls. But why you may ask. We've taken for granted that we can easily afford flashlights, lanterns, batteries for those devices, and even generators to power our homes. The solution for developing countries isn't the traditional power grid. There isn't enough money to lay in all that infrastructure as well as pay the electric bills. What about traditional lanterns? As long as fuel is plentiful then that is an option but this still limits the affordability for the world's poor. 

Enter Mpowerd and their Luci Solar Light. The idea is simple: a solar panel in a water proof container, a water proof switch, and 10 LED bulbs. Simply inflate Luci and you are off and running at having night lighting as well as lighting for reading, working in dark areas, etc. So how does Luci help with the injustice of energy distribution? With every Luci lantern purchased one is donated to the poor in the developing world. How can you and I use Luci everyday? How about when camping, or having a barbecue or party outdoors, or for the aforementioned power outages and even for roadside use in case your car breaks down. 

Hows It Work?

In a sentence: Luci is about as easy to use and practical as any device we've ever come across. Ever. Simply pull it out of its package, blow it up like a swimming pool toy, and try it out. Surprisingly, out of the package I got six hours of lighting on the lowest setting right out of the package with no charge time. I charged it again and on the next day I got about 6 hours of light on its high setting - which turns out to be bright enough to light up a room if you can find a strategic place to put it. The third setting is an emergency flashing mode which is handy for getting help to you or when you are on the side of the highway to warn other people as you change a tire. 

I mentioned that at first pass Luci resembles a pool toy. There is a clear label next to the solar cell that warns not to submerge Luci. Although it is water tight it isn't water proof and certainly shouldn't be used as night lighting for a pool where children could fall in. Instead - why not find a strategic spot above the pool to mount a few Luci's by their handy carrying handles. You'll light the pool up and have the solar cells strategically placed for charging. 


Mpowerd has shown that not only can we have a useful product come through our office, but can also help those in need. This isn't just a green product, its a product whose usefulness is huge for those who have no alternatives. The price is reasonable for an LED light of this quality so not only are you only helping the needy but you are getting a good deal too. I have absolutely no trouble recommending this light and I'll be ordering more soon for camping season and for around the pool. 

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