Azza Genesis 9000 Series Case

By Victor Oshiro | Posted October 20, 2012 at 05:48PM


Offering unprecedented features, with uncompromised performance, all at an unbeatable price.  Among the many courteous innovations you’ll find in Genesis 9000, is a removable motherboard tray that can be installed in two opposite directions.  Placed in the traditional way, your CPU is next to the top fan.  Place the motherboard tray in reverse, the ventilator is now in close proximity to your VGA cards. 

169$ USD (+,-)





Lots of cooling
Designed for water cooling
Tons of storage space

Azza doesn't build ordinary. How unordinary are some of their products? Today we have the pleasure of looking at a serious case. Would a case able to hold two power supplies or have nine full size bays interest you? What if you could mount your motherboard upside down to best take advantage of a case's prodigious cooling? There's so much more to this case than even its intimidating first impression reveals. Azza markets itself as having "one vision one mission". That's an understatement if there ever was one.

I'd say this case is squarely designed for gamers. Guys who love tons of fans, super hot dual CPU motherboards with even hotter running video cards. Whats more, this case is even ready for water cooling (an option but in this market its really appreciated). The mount for the motherboard allows the board to be mounted 180 degrees out of normal. Ideally the video card and its super hot GPU should be mounted as high as possible. At the top of the case are two 230 mm fans. This is more cooling potential than most cases have with all their fans. Then Azza adds two 140 mm fans on the bottom, one 120 mm fan on the rear, and two more 120 mm fans on each side panel of the case. To avoid wires running everywhere they conveniently place remote power connections for all those fans. Dead center in the case there is a strange mount with two arms - that's designed to help support the massive video cards out there. Actually the cards aren't so big - its the huge heat sinks on them to cool the GPU that make them likely to want to work loose. The power supply can conveniently fit under all the full bays at the front of the case, or if really serious, one of the 140 mm fans can be removed and a second power supply added. This is not your father's case!

I like the appearance of this case. If Darth Vader had a gaming system it would probably look like this. Menacing black, red lighting in the front bezel and top and a nice red plastic window in the side panel to allow viewing of the motherboard and internals. The top panel, both side panels, and even the bottom panel can be removed. This makes installation and trouble shooting a breeze. Also - those two big bottom fans have a filter to keep all the dirt out of your case.This case is also available in white with blue lit areas but I'm glad Azza sent the black unit. USB 2.0, eSATA, and USB 3.0 connectors are on the top of the unit near the front with the power buttons. Great location for this stuff. I hate spinning a case around to connect something. 

All screws on the back are the unit are over sized thumb screws. The only tools you'll need will be to mount your motherboard. To put a drive in a bay unsnap the two side clamps and the whole tray can slide out of the unit for easy mounting of the hardware outside the case. Extra components to stabilize the video card are included depending on what you have on hand. Azza throws in more than enough stuff to connect all your toys - even zip ties to get all the cables out of the way. 

I normally can't get enough cooling in a case but I feel very comfortable that this case will not allow overheating. If you are investing a large amount of money into dual CPUs, large GPU, and drive space is a consideration, I wholeheartedly recommend this case. Add that water cooling can be added (in the top with a radiator in the bottom of the case) should you need it then you have something that will protect your investment. At about two feet tall its not small, but it allows for large amounts of options when mounting your gear and at the same time offers huge cooling. You are virtually future proof with a case like this - add what you need when you need, swap drives, even flip the motherboard 180 degrees should the need arise. This is an easy unit for me to recommend.

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